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Razer updates Blade Stealth with bigger display and new color option

by Danny Zepeda | June 14, 2017June 14, 2017 6:30 am PST

Razer announced a big upgrade for its Blade Stealth laptop with a revamped display and new color option.

The new Blade Stealth is coming with a bigger 13.3-inch display, a big upgrade over the previous 12.5-inch display. The bigger display is also coming in a new body—a Gunmetal version of the Blade Stealth.

Razer’s big cosmetic upgrade of the Blade Stealth is rooted in user’s feedback. Talking to Razer personnel, they revealed that one of the major issues customers had with the Blade Stealth was its abnormally large bezels. The computer itself was sleek, portable and powerful—but it was being held back by a smaller display that was surrounded by big bezels. That will be no more.

The Blade Stealth will keep the same chassis that weighs 2.93 pounds and is 0.52 inches thick, but features an upgraded 13.3-inch 3200 by 1800 Quad HD+ touch display that is derived strictly from reducing the bezels.

Second on the list of upgrades is the new Gunmetal color option. It’s a sleek gray finish that’s much more understated than the eye-catching matte black version. Users have been asking for a reserved laptop from Razer that minimizes the dark aesthetic and vibrant colors from the bright green logo and Chroma keyboard. The Gunmetal version does away with both, instead opting for a “tone-on-tone” logo that doesn’t light up and white-only backlit keyboard.

In case you still want the flashy option, Razer is still offering a matte black 13.3-inch version of the Blade Stealth with the Chroma keyboard and the last generation 12.5-inch model with 4K display.

Of course, the Razer Blade Stealth will still be as powerful as it has ever been. The starting option for the new 13.3-inch model will come with standard 16GB of RAM and seventh generation Intel core i7 processor that will cost $1,399. It can be configured between a 256GB SSD up to 1TB. It will also offer support for the Razer Core for more performance power.

The updated matte black Blade Stealth can be ordered through Razer’s website as of today and it will also be available through retail services Amazon, Best Buy and Microsoft Stores later this month. The Gunmetal version will be available later this summer.

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