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E3 press conferences put to shame by Devolver Digital

by Joey Davidson | June 12, 2017June 12, 2017 6:00 pm PDT

Who the hell is Devolver Digital? Fair question, internet stranger. This is the publishing company behind strange and amazing games like Hotline Miami, Downwell, Titan Souls and loads more. Essentially, they work out deals with incredible indie games and bring them to release with their own style.

Sunday night, at something like 10:30 p.m. PT/1:30 a.m. ET, Devolver held a “press conference.” They put together a video that lampoons all the ridiculous stuff publishers have started doing over the last few years to “wow” gamers and journalists with their massive E3 shows.

By the end, the show goes full-on Adult Swim. It’s a sight to behold.

Here’s the video. There’s a fair bit of NSFW language within, so heads up on that.

They satirize everything from the language used at these pressers to programs like Early Access. Devolver Digital’s Earliest Access does sound amazing, doesn’t it? No? The Suda 51 cameo they throw in there is beautiful, too.

By the way, Ruiner is this amazing, brutal, French-made title that will push your gaming mettle. We checked it out at PAX East a while back.

Press conferences in the gaming industry have really fallen into this odd trap of hyperbole, false hype, weird payment schemes and the “promise” of entertainment to come. They’re a spectacle that, more often than not, do not live up to the hype and fanfare they say they’ll offer.

This show from Devolver? Oh, it’s absolutely stupid, but it highlights all the stuff that’s wrong with standard press conferences.

It’s the best show this year.

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