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Sony needs to make PlayStation VR better, and they know it

by Joey Davidson | June 6, 2017June 6, 2017 8:00 am PST

Sony’s in a really interesting position with PlayStation VR. On the one hand, they have a piece of tech that’s resonating well with consumers. It’s already broached one million sold since its release.

Do they improve it or wait it out?

According to Sony global sales boss Jim Ryan while speaking with TIME, they have to make more iterations to the hardware.

“Technology cycles are shortening, and there’s no reason to expect VR to be any exception to that…If we have aspirations to take this into a mass market space, clearly things will need to happen to the form factor, whether it’s wireless or a lighter headset or all of these things.”

That notion that they need to go wireless with PSVR, potentially, is a really good one. In my experience with the headset, the wires are the most cumbersome part of the experience. Drop those without much of a sacrifice, and we could be looking at the clear hardware segment leader.

Sony global game development boss Shawn Layden ehoed Ryan’s sentiment, offering that they need to keep the hardware rooted to the PlayStation 4.

“The key is advancing the technology without stepping off the platform… We want to make sure we have a target platform developers can grow against. We’ll find ways to bump it up, whether that’s through the physical design of the product, which needs tweaks, of course, as everything does. But we also want to make sure we’re firmly grounded in PlayStation 4, so people don’t think they need something else to drive the experience.”

While it sounds like Sony is dead set on improving the PSVR experience, it doesn’t seem like they’re all that close to doing it yet. It only just released last year, after all.


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