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OnePlus 5—5 plus things OnePlus needs to address

by Ralph Theodory | June 4, 2017June 4, 2017 10:00 am PST

OnePlus is well known for listening to user feedback to improve future devices. With the success of the OnePlus 3T, it will be very challenging to impress users and fans who are looking for an upgrade.

The combination of great specs, a reliable operating system and beautiful design is why I decided to settle for my OnePlus 3.

After using it for over a year, I appreciated the software updates that resolved many problems, as well as adding many new features that made me love the device even more. However, there are still some points that the “Never Settle” company needs to acknowledge and solve in its future devices.

That camera bump

I would be ecstatic if my OnePlus 5 could sit flush on the table. No more wobbling while pressing the side of the screen. We hope that OnePlus takes a similar approach to the camera setup on the original OnePlus and OnePlus 2 .

The vibration motor that rattles like a snake

Holding the OnePlus 3 in your hand does not feel like a $399 phone with its premium design. However, you’ll notice the loud vibration motor that ends up rattling like a snake instead of tapping you gently. Many users reported the vibration motor sometimes feels very uncomfortable as if something is breaking on the inside.

We hope that OnePlus introduces a higher quality vibration motor in its next flagship, or at least gives users the option to control vibration intensity inside Oxygen OS.

The Smooth Roll-out

OnePlus is rumored to release the upcoming OnePlus 5 in several new colors, including a signature red. Last year, OnePlus offered two color variants of the OnePlus 3. However, only one was available at launch, leading many people to wait after official release to get their hands on the soft gold variant.

I hope that OnePlus offers a smooth roll-out for the device without any problems.

A true flagship killer has a killer price

It seems that with every new OnePlus device, the company slightly increases the price.

The OnePlus 3T’s retail price of $439 is nearing the roof of affordable smartphones. If the OnePlus 5 reaches for an even higher price, it will be really hard to compete against competitors like LG and Samsung.

I’m not saying OnePlus should never cross the $450 threshold, but if it does, the company better have a lower priced variant, too.

Wait, there’s more to come

We hope that OnePlus listens to user reported issues, such as the common touch problems, sudden dropouts in cell signal and Wi-Fi, as well as the USB OTG compatibility.

Each device can have a set of problems and drawbacks no matter how successful it becomes, yet it gives its maker a chance to improve and make an even better device for the future.

The key is to acknowledge these problems and learn from them to create an improved user experience.

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