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Nintendo Switch shortages are Apple’s fault

by Joey Davidson | May 31, 2017May 31, 2017 8:00 am PDT

Outlets like Wall Street Journal are pinning some of the blame for the shortage of the Nintendo Switch globally on Apple. This isn’t some outlandish, ridiculous claim without merit; instead, it boils down to these companies relying on the same manufacturers for their parts.

The shortage of components used in tech like smartphones is global and spreads across the industry, and part of those short components includes the NAND flash memory, LCDs and HD Rumble motors all used in the Nintendo Switch.

Wall Street Journal draws a direct line between some of the components in short supply and the demand for Apple’s iPhone. Nintendo can’t secure the hardware they need from these factories because Apple is putting in such massive orders.

Even worse for Nintendo? If they want priority, they’ll need to pay more money for it, driving down profits overall.

Nintendo is afraid of a Switch shortage this Christmas, and they’ve ordered a ramp up in production to counter that potential problem. Component scarcity thanks to the large tech industry and the small factory world means that hitting those production marks could be difficult.

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Joey Davidson

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