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Monster Hunter XX is going to make the Nintendo Switch even harder to find

by Ron Duwell | May 26, 2017May 26, 2017 9:00 am PST

It’s all over, folks! The Nintendo Switch is destined to rank among Japan’s most popular video game consoles of all time, and it has Capcom to thank for it. The Monster Hunter franchise is bringing its branding to the console/handheld hybrid with a beefed-up port of its latest game, Monster Hunter XX.

The game’s official Twitter account confirmed the news to rapturous applause from the series’ huge fanbase.

There can be no understating how big this is

In Japan at least, with the exception of Super Mario and Pokémon, there isn’t really a series that has found the same level of sustainable success over the last decade as Monster Hunter. Dragon Quest is still popular, but it releases far too infrequently to count. Yo-kai Watch is but a distant memory at this point. Final Fantasy and the rest of the heavy hitters are popular with their fans, but rarely expand beyond their target audiences.

Monster Hunter, as a franchise, consistently sells consoles and handhelds alike, and considering that the Nintendo Switch is both, you can bet that Nintendo is pleased with this announcement.

Capcom has done a solid job localizing Monster Hunter as well, so expect this to come stateside eventually.


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