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Andy Rubin’s Essential teaser analyzed – Secrets abound

by Ralph Theodory | May 26, 2017May 26, 2017 11:30 am PST

We are four days away from Andy Rubin’s Essential smartphone announcement on May 30 and this day can’t come any sooner.

After welcoming us to its new Twitter page, Essential posted a teaser photo to hold us over until next week, however, the dark teaser didn’t show much. A hand holding their upcoming smartphone in the dark, showing a large hump on top.

Fortunately, the multiple shades of black reveal more details than we expected after enhancing the photo:

That top hump is a 360 camera

After enhancing the circular hump, a part of a wide angle lens is revealed, we believe that this can be one side of the dual 360 camera. If this was the main camera setup, it would have to either flip or rotate to the back to close, leaving a single wide angle lens on the back, otherwise it will be detachable, leaving room for other accessories to connect via a custom modular connector.


A long beautiful display

The contrast between gray and black pixels on the enhanced images reveal a bottom chin on the phone, similar to Xiaomi’s Mi Mix, calculating a rough estimate of the remaining display dimensions, we notice that this is another long display similar to Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 with a minimum aspect ratio of 18:9 that can go all the way up to 19:9.

Comparing it to other flagships

Further analyzing this photo, we estimate that the phone is roughly the same size as the OnePlus 3t but slightly narrower at 150×72 mm also similar to the LG G6 dimensions.

This is all if the hand holding Essential’s phone was average sized, we really hope it’s not a giant holding a big phone.

Finally, There is a big chance that any of our assumptions to be corrected at the announcement next Tuesday as much as we want them to be true.

Ralph Theodory

Ralph Theodory is a Tech enthusiast all the way from Aleppo Syria, currently studying in Germany, behind the iOS concept series and Syria’s first...