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Mario + Rabbids leak shows off the rumored game’s first images

by Ron Duwell | May 24, 2017May 24, 2017 7:00 pm PST

Ubisoft and Nintendo still have yet to officially reveal the existence of Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, but the evidence that it exists is near irrefutable at this point. A host of images, that match the description of the previous leak no less, have found their way onto the net and all but confirm the existence of this strange Mario crossover game.

The game is believed to be an RPG of sorts, although the description labels it as a “crazy combat adventure” in which Mario and friends battle the Rabbids, who are dressed up as the Mushroom Kingdom’s biggest names. Each member is equipped with goofy laser guns, something foreign to the Super Mario series.

The game is expected to be about 35 percent exploration and 65 percent battles. If true, the game will be released in August or September.

And because it’s Ubisoft, there’s gotta be a tower!

Ubisoft + exploration = towers! We all know this to be true! Will we finally be able to climb to the highest points of the Mushroom Kingdom’s roof? Expect to see more at E3 2017. The rumored game is expected for launch on the Nintendo Switch.

Ubisoft has been tossing lots of love Nintendo’s way, and now we know exactly why. However, it’s not the most exciting game for the Switch from Ubisoft. We still have Beyond Good & Evil 2 to look forward to.

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