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Dragon Age fans get ready, it looks like a new game is on the way

by Joey Davidson | May 23, 2017May 23, 2017 11:00 am PST

One of the creators of Failbetter Games, the studio behind the glorious, dark, well-written Sunless Sea joined BioWare back in September of last year. Alexis Kennedy is his name, and he wasn’t really allowed to talk about what he was working on back then.

Now, he’s revealed to Eurogamer in a long interview that’s well worth a read that he’s, in fact, been at work on a new Dragon Age.

Kennedy worked on games like Cultist Simulator and Stellaris, and he offered that “there are huge differences between all of that and what I’m working on at BioWare…”

“…which I can now legitimately say is in the Dragon Age franchise although it has been known for a while…

…What I can say is I have been given considerable autonomy to work on a storyline bit of lore which is well-segregated from other parts of the game… It’s nothing that grandiose, but it is distinct. It’s a bit of lore which has not been addressed much to date in Dragon Age.”

More Dragon Age? Cool.

Consider me cautiously optimistic here. I loved the original Dragon Age, and I hated the second. Inquisition was an okay game, but it had me yearning for a trip back to what once was instead of what the industry had become.

I hope whatever this new Dragon Age title is lines up closer to the original than its sequels.


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