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Verizon will no longer sell LG Watch Sport

Verizon will no longer be offering LG’s new Watch Sport wearable. Big Red confirmed in an email to customers that pre-orders had been cancelled, and though it’s not totally clear why, Verizon has made it clear it won’t be supporting the device.

Droid-Life was first to report that pre-orders were being cancelled, and it reached out to LG and Verizon for an explanation. LG did not respond, but Verizon “flat out told us that the LG Watch Sport has been cancelled.” After further digging, it seems the Verizon version of the device — model LG W280V — has also been removed from LG’s website, leaving only the AT&T version (LG W280A).

Without an explanation, it’s hard to establish why Verizon has given up on the LG Watch Sport, though it could have something to do with the fact that the carrier launched its own smartwatch — the Wear24 — less than a week ago. It could be that the company wants to focus on that (read: drive customers towards it) rather than a competing device.

And in case you needed more encouragement to pick up the Wear24, Verizon is shaving $100 off the purchase of another smart wearable for those who had their Watch Sport pre-order cancelled. The device starts at $349 off-contract, or $299 with a two-year data plan.


Killian Bell

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