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Galaxy Note 7 is rising from the dead with a new name

by Josh Levenson | May 17, 2017May 17, 2017 9:30 am PDT

Samsung may have finally settled on a moniker for the refurbished variant of the Galaxy Note 7. According to a new report published by ET News, the firm has ditched the rumored Galaxy Note 7R branding and decided to call the handset the Galaxy Note FE.

What does FE stand for, I hear you ask? Fan Edition. We know, we know — it’s a dreadful name. To give credit where it’s due though, the branding clearly outlines Samsung’s intention: to put the Galaxy Note 7 back in the hands of its biggest fans.

Seeing as the Galaxy Note FE was recently granted Bluetooth and FCC certification, and has been submitted to South Korea’s National Radio Research Agency for approval, it shouldn’t be too much longer until it launches in the region.

As for its internals, the Galaxy Note FE is expected to have the same 5.7-inch display, Exynos 8890 CPU, 4GB of RAM and 12MP rear-facing camera as its predecessor, though rumors point towards it packing a smaller 3,200mAh battery.

300,000 units will go on sale in South Korea

Out of the three-to-four million handsets recalled, it’s believed that a mere 300,000 will go on sale in South Korea, with each reportedly carrying a price tag of 700,000 won ($620). Pretty pricey for what’s essentially an eight-month-old device, right?

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