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That new Thief game probably isn’t happening

by Ron Duwell | May 16, 2017May 16, 2017 2:00 pm PDT

Thief fans looking forward to another game in the series will have to wait for a future date to jump back into their life of crime. Eidos Montreal has come out of the shadows to shoot down rumors that it is developing another game in the venerated series.

Studio head David Anfossi totally destroys it in a perfect sarcastic tone, as well. Well played!

Nitpicking the rumors!

The rumor came about when the film production studio working on the Thief Hollywood adaptation stated that Square Enix was working on a “fifth sequel” for the series. We should have known this was just a smoke bomb. If Eidos Montreal was developing a new Thief game, it wouldn’t be the “fifth sequel.” It would be the fifth overall game in the series, or in other words, the “fourth sequel.”

It’s all in the finer details! Get it right next time!


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