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Google Maps will now use Street View for turn-by-turn directions

by Danny Zepeda | May 16, 2017May 16, 2017 5:00 pm PDT

Google Maps has received a welcome update that makes navigating unfamiliar territory much easier.

Android Police first noticed the update, which brings Street View functionality to turn-by-turn directions. Now, in addition to providing users with directions, Google Maps will also provide a Street View image of the street intersection its telling you to turn on.

Opening up the app and searching a location, you’ll notice the screen has been cleaned up. Instead of the round direction icon, you’ll see a new icon that looks like a rectangle with the word “Directions.” The previous version wasn’t all that difficult to understand, but the update refines it leaving zero doubt as to what the button does. The same button update is also making its way to other functions like previewing routes.

Another update worth noting is the re-introduction of the bottom bar. In the previous Android version, Google Maps hid away the bottom bar until you summoned it by swiping up from the bottom. The update keeps the bar around at all times.

The update is slowly rolling out

The update is slowly rolling out to Android users. Unfortunately, iOS hasn’t received the new update, and there’s no word on when iPhone users can get in on the action.

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