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Metal Gear Solid artist takes his talents to Activision and Call of Duty

Yoji Shinkawa is best known for his brilliant drawings for Hideo Kojima in Metal Gear Solid and Zone of the Enders, but with those two franchises no longer in active development, he has chosen to take his talents elsewhere. Considering his body of work and clear love of military art, there really is only one viable place where he can go in this day and age.

Activision was more than happy to snag up Shinkawa’s abilities to sell its latest Call of Duty zombies DLC. Shinkawa was contracted to draw up four brilliant pieces of promotional art for Call of Duty: Black Ops III “Zombie Chronicles’ featuring the four main characters, Tank, Takeo, Nikolai, and Richtofen.

Is it just me, or do these characters look like they should be fighting Snake and not zombies?

Man, I’m getting PS One flashbacks looking at these. They’re so sweet!

Yes, Black Ops III is still seeing DLC releases

I think it goes without saying that Black Ops is easily Call of Duty’s most successful sub-series. Activision loves to drag each of them out as long as it can, meaning it must have the longest retention rate for fans and the most success for DLC. Black Ops III was released way back in 2015, and its reputation is only better nowadays since Infinite Warfare didn’t click with audiences. The same was true for Black Ops II back when Ghost and Advanced Warfare came out to “ehh” reception.

Whatever formula the Black Ops team is using, it clearly works better than the “other” years.

Zombie Chronicles will be released on May 16 for the PlayStation 4 thanks to its time-exclusivity, and it will come to the Xbox One and PC in June.

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