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Samsung may have plans for Bixby in our homes

by Josh Levenson | May 11, 2017May 11, 2017 10:30 am PST

On Thursday, Samsung was granted a patent for an “audio device” that SamMobile believes could be the firm’s answer to the Amazon Echo and Google Home.

Much to our dismay, we don’t know anything about the unit. Although, we’re guessing it’s a standalone speaker powered by Bixby Voice.

If Samsung decides to enter the home assistant market, it will have an instant advantage on the R&D front as it owns Harman Kardon, the company Microsoft teamed up with for its first Cortana-powered speaker, and likely has access to its research.

The device may never see the light of day

We should probably point out that there’s a good chance this patent will never see the light of day. Like most manufacturers, Samsung reserves the rights for a lot of designs, names and components, and only a small portion ever make their way onto the market.

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