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Vanquish, SEGA’s unapologetically fast shooter, teased again for a PC release

by Ron Duwell | May 10, 2017May 10, 2017 8:00 am PST

Two days in a row, SEGA has teased something in regards to its fan-favorite shooter, Vanquish. The title turned up yesterday with a hint that something, assumedly a PC port, would be released in 2017.

Today, we’re narrowing that release window down to this month thanks to the latest Twitter post.

That’s assuming that the “05” in the corner does, indeed, stand for May

Whatever SEGA is teasing, I want to know now. Vanquish is my favorite game from Platinum Games’ excellent line-up of action titles, and the more people play it, the happier of a fan I am. The game struggled with a $60 price tag back in 2010 because, admittedly, it’s a bit on the shallow side and much more arcadey in its design when compared to Call of Duty, BioShock, Gears of War, and whatever else the kids were playing at the time.

Japan struggling on the HD market in 2010 didn’t exactly help out either.

Now, in 2017, digital gaming is in a much happier place, the obsession with bleak AAA shooters as the industry’s driving force has wound down, and Vanquish has potential to get a nice $20 price tag, That lack of depth is made up for ten-fold with high octane action, flashy set pieces, and voice actor Steven Blum in his absolutely hammiest role of all time.

I think the situation is ripe for Vanquish to do a lot better this time around. Be sure to check it out… if these teases from SEGA turn out fruitful.


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