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Microsoft turns its back on Chrome users

by Danny Zepeda | May 10, 2017May 10, 2017 11:30 am PST

Microsoft unveiled a new version of its computer operating system called Windows 10 S last week. During the event, Microsoft stated only apps from the Windows Store would be able to be used on the new Windows version, leaving many apps like Google Chrome hanging in the air. Unless Google updates the build of the browser, it looks like Chrome may never make its way into Windows 10 S.

ZDnet has learned that Windows Store apps need to use HTML and JavaScript engines to run on the Windows platform. Chrome’s underlying code doesn’t use either of those engines. Google would need to create a new version or update the current version to work on the Windows platform. That means Windows 10 S users won’t be able to use the world’s most popular web browser for the time being.

That’s a major loss for the budding platform Microsoft is hoping to catch on. Chrome isn’t just a great browser, it also works as a hub for Google services.

Google has done this before

Don’t lose hope yet, Chrome users. Google has done a similar thing with its iOS app of Chrome. It uses the same WebKit engine used for Safari instead of the normal Google Blink engine found in all other versions of Chrome.

But Microsoft runs into another problem here again. Apple’s iOS platform numbers in the hundreds of millions of users—a market Google didn’t want to miss out on. Windows 10 S is a brand new computer operating system. For the time being, it may not be worth the trouble for Google to create a new version for an OS that has a nearly nonexistent user base right now.

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