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If this is what the iPhone 8 looks like, we’ll be very happy

by Danny Zepeda | May 9, 2017May 9, 2017 4:08 pm PDT

There have been a ton of rumors about the iPhone 8. Some are quite believable while others are outrageously false. This latest iPhone 8 concept combines all the believable rumors into what looks like the iPhone 8 Apple just might announce later this year—and it’s gorgeous.

The concept comes from YouTube channel The 90s Robot. It features some of the most noteworthy details we’ve heard about the iPhone 8, including the vertical dual-camera system, back glass panel and the beautiful edge-to-edge OLED display. On top of that, the concept makes the display into a jack-of-all-trades tool by incorporating the home button and front camera. We’ve heard rumors of Apple doing something similar to this and if its anything like the concept, count me in as excited.

The edges of the concept phone look quite similar to the current iPhone. It still keeps the curved sides, bottom dual-speaker grill set-up and Lightning port. The familiar volume and wake button along with the mute toggle are also present, but they’ve been changed up a bit. The wake button has been enlarged and the volume buttons look a little bit further apart.

This the closest iPhone 8 concept we’ve seen to actually being plausible

Most concepts we’ve seen to this point tend to be more loose with reality. The 90s Robot concept is one of the most believable to date. Aside from the weird home button and front camera features, this very much looks like an iPhone Apple would design.

Will it be the next iPhone? Probably not. But’s still a really fun concept to check out and get excited for what Apple might do with the iPhone 8. Hopefully it’s something close to this concept.

The 90s Robot

Danny Zepeda

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