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Persona 5 talks long dev time and the toll it takes

by Joey Davidson | May 8, 2017May 8, 2017 8:00 pm PST

Nowadays, some big games take a long time to make. From inception to release, we might see a game go three, four, five and even six years before it reaches the public. In some cases, that game gets temporarily canceled or re-worked before fans ever see it.

Persona 5 was in development for a while, and that development length did take its toll on the creators.

Atlus Artist and Character Designer Shigenori Soejima spoke with Glixel about how long dev time can actually make creators second guess their work and abilities. Keep in mind, this comment was made in relation to Persona 5.

“The longer it takes for the game to hit the market, you start to lose confidence in what’s expected of you. You start to question your instincts and go back and forth on decisions…

…It’s harder to see the truth [when you’re caught up in the project]. It takes more energy to pull through and stick to your original vision without being swayed. That was the hardest part.”

No worries, Soejima

Persona 5 turned out beautifully, especially as it relates to the game’s art and character design. Sure, standing super close to a project for an extremely long time can cause creators to think twice about their choices, but everything worked out here.

Other games? Duke Nukem Forever, anyone?



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