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Uncovered Overwatch voice lines indicate a new objective escort and destruction mode

by Joey Davidson | May 5, 2017May 5, 2017 7:30 am PST

A new data mining effort shared by Reddit user DeadGirlDreaming on the Overwatch sub suggests we might soon see a new game mode.

The uncovered files reveal a massive pile of “hundreds” of voice lines from each hero. Most of them center around five things, as summed up nicely by DeadGirlDreaming.

  • Destroy the objective
  • It’s almost destroyed, which is good
  • It’s almost destroyed, which is bad
  • Escort the objective
  • I’m over here (presumably tied to a HUD display)

That bit about destroying the objective is what’s interesting here. Every objective-based mode in Overwatch right now focuses on capturing or escorting an objective, never destroying. Offense aims to simply move the payload while defense aims to stop it, for instance, neither side actually shoots at it.

When could we see this stuff?

Your guess is as good as mine for when this new content sees the light of day. The recent Uprising event just ended, so we could see this in a month or so. It’ll be one year since Overwatch‘s launch this month, so this could be tied to that anniversary.

Or it might not. We’ll keep you posted.


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