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DOTA 2’s getting a co-op campaign mode in 2017 season

by Joey Davidson | May 5, 2017May 5, 2017 1:30 pm PDT

DOTA 2 is, if you aren’t already aware, one of the MOBA genre’s leading titles. Defense of the Ancients, what DOTA is an acronym for, is actually a Warcraft III mod that was one of the (if not the) original MOBAs.

MOBAs don’t normally have fully fleshed out story campaigns. DOTA 2 is getting one with its 2017 season. Anyone who buys the International 2017 Battle Pass will get a bunch of fancy, in-game loot. They’ll also get the keys to the upcoming campaign mode called “Siltbreaker.” Act I will arrive this month, while Act II will come in July.

The campaign is co-op, and players will either be able party with friends “or queue-met allies.” Each team needs four champions.

Isn’t cooperative DOTA basically Diablo?

I’m looking at these screenshots, I’m considering the nature of a four-person adventure through monster-filled locales and I’m thinking, “I’ve done this before.” I have, right? This is essentially the recipe for Diablo, though Diablo has the fantastic loot drops. DOTA 2 apparently has Campaign XP, and that earns players a chance to spin the Wheel of Rewards.

$9.99, no matter how you slice it, is a pretty low barrier for entry on something like this. Any takers?


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