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Cave Story+ will add local multiplayer exclusively on the Nintendo Switch

by Ron Duwell | May 5, 2017May 5, 2017 5:00 pm PST

I’ve been looking for a reason to quadruple dip into Cave Story for the upcoming Nintendo Switch re-re-release, and I might have just found the perfect one. Porting company Nicalis has confirmed that this latest version will play directly to the Nintendo Switch’s portable nature by adding local co-op mode.

Nicalis hinted at the addition to the game’s story mode through its Twitter account.

No word on if Cave Story+ will be getting the update on the other platforms it is available for, most notably the PC version.

Co-op is the Nintendo Switch’s greatest strength

I’m not even sure how co-op will add to the Cave Story experience, a tale of lonely travels on a floating island fortress. All I know is that I want to try. Now that I can bring my gaming console of choice with me wherever I go, I am more inspired to play games with my friends. An internet connection simply can compete with being in the same room as an ally or an opponent.

Cave Story+ will be available on the Nintendo Switch on June 23. The local co-op will come with an update later in the summer.


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