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Amazon’s Video app is finally coming to the Apple TV

by Danny Zepeda | May 5, 2017May 5, 2017 2:30 pm PST

It looks like the long-standing feud between Apple and Amazon is coming to an end.

A new report from Recode claims Amazon and Apple are deep in negotiations to bring the Amazon Video app to Apple TV later this summer. Amazon has been staunch in its stance not to bring its Video app to the Apple TV, favoring instead to push its own set-top boxes.

Amazon also scoffed at the 30 percent cut Apple would take from Amazon once customers subscribed to the service through Apple TV. Apple brought the figure down to 15 percent for video services last year but Amazon still hasn’t relented. The new deal may be a middle ground for both Apple and Amazon where both companies get something they’re happy with.

Apple and Amazon’s cold war reached its peak in 2015 when Amazon stopped selling the Apple TV through its retail service. This might possibly be one of the points that is being negotiated.

This is a win for Apple, Amazon and customers

If this deal does end up coming to fruition, it’ll be a win for not only both companies but customers as well. Amazon Prime video offers some of the best content around, including Oscar-winning movies and critically praised series.

Hopefully, we’ll see the app launch this summer and this whole mess will be in the rearview.


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