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Moto tablet with killer software feature reportedly coming soon

by Brandon Russell | May 4, 2017May 4, 2017 1:00 pm PDT

Android Police reports Motorola is gearing up to unveil a new tablet, which will supposedly feature a “Productivity Mode” aimed at providing users with a better way to multi-task.

Motorola has earned a reputation for offering devices with innovative software features, and its upcoming tablet sounds no different. According to the report, Productivity Mode will reportedly allow users to pin apps to the navbar, making it super easy to switch back and forth between them.

Currently, you can multi-task in one of two ways: One) while in an app, jump back to the home screen and open another app; two) hit the multi-tasking button and open the app you want to use. Android also offers a split-screen mode, though that still doesn’t make it any easier to open or switch between apps very quickly.

Android Police was provided with a screenshot that also appears to show an app drawer button in the navbar, which makes a lot of sense. It really gives the mysterious Moto tablet a Chrome OS feel, providing users with an easy way to switch and launch apps without the cumbersome multitasking UI.

Unfortunately, no concrete details are known about the device, other than it’ll feature an innovative productivity mode.

“We don’t have a processor, a name, or even a screen dimension,” Android Police said.

Be that as it may, the publication’s David Ruddock said he is very confident in the source who provided the information.
We recently got an exclusive look at the Moto Z2 Play, and we’ve been seeing leaks here and there regarding a Moto Z sequel. With the summer months fast approaching, it’s looking like Motorola has a lot to show off. We didn’t expect a new tablet, but with features like productivity mode, we’re very intrigued to see what Motorola has in store.

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