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Gorgeous iPhone 8 concept shows the function area in action

by Brandon Russell | May 4, 2017May 4, 2017 12:00 pm PDT

When the iPhone 8 launches this fall, the device will supposedly feature a “function area” in place of a physical home button. This will also allow Apple to make way for a bezel-less display, similar to what we’ve seen from the Galaxy S8 and LG G6.

The new feature is said to take cues from Apple’s MacBook Pro with TouchBar, providing users with a small display that is contextually aware of what app is being used.

What might a function area look like in action? New renders from iDropNews shows off the very likely future of Apple’s upcoming flagship.

In addition to displaying a virtual home button, the function area may also display music controls, browser buttons, and a variety of other shortcuts depending on what app you’re currently in. So, yeah, essentially the MacBook Pro’s TouchBar on an iPhone.

The biggest question is whether Apple has figured out how to outfit the iPhone 8 with a TouchID sensor underneath this function area.

There have been several conflicting rumors about how Apple will include a fingerprint sensor in its upcoming device. Some say the company will place the sensor on the back of the phone, while other reports claim it won’t include a sensor at all.

iDropNews’s report doesn’t shed any light on the subject, but we do get a pretty good look at the iPhone 8’s potential function area, which could be the biggest new feature to hit the iPhone since 3D Touch. Except, you know, it’ll actually be useful.

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