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WhatsApp is down – Absolutely nothing is working UPDATED

by Sean P. Aune | May 3, 2017May 3, 2017 3:17 pm EST

If you’re trying to load up WhatsApp and nothing is working, no, it’s not just you.

Popular messaging service WhatsApp is completely broken at the moment with no one being able to send or receive messages. Currently you aren’t even able to load histories, so it’s looking as though this is a major outage.

Reports of the outage have been surging on Down Detector, and the the System Status report says:

Our service is experiencing a problem right now. We are working on it and hope to restore the functionality shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

There is no indication as to how long this will take to fix, so all we can suggest for now is sit back, take a breath and keep your eyes peeled.

UPDATE 6:21 PM EASTERN – Services appear to be returning slowly. If you’re still impacted, sit tight.

Sean P. Aune

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