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Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle RPG rumors pop up once again

by Ron Duwell | May 3, 2017May 3, 2017 5:30 pm PST

Rumors of the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle RPG from Ubisoft have found their way to the forefront again with a source at Kotaku claiming that the game is indeed real. According to Kotaku, its source provided enough art assets to conclude that the game is indeed in development. However, the source specifically requested for the art not to be published.

The report states that the game is being developed using Ubisoft’s in-house Snowdrop engine, and it has the potential to be a co-op turn-based RPG in the veins of Mario & Luigi and Super Mario RPG. Eight playable characters are reportedly in the game: Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Yoshi as well as four Rabbids who dress up as each of the heroes.

So, no! There is no Mallow or Geno still to be found after all these years.

Nintendo rarely lets Western developers work with Mario

Nintendo loaning out the Super Mario brand to any other major publisher is a rare enough occasion, let alone sending him overseas. Kotaku sounds quite convinced that this is real and even describes many of the pictures as characters running around with laser guns.

If true, my guess is that Nintendo was impressed with how South Park: The Stick of Truth turned out and let Ubisoft go about with its own timed-hit RPG starring Mario. That’s all I can think of here. Ubisoft also praised the Switch far more than any other AAA Western publisher did leading up to its release, a sign that it scored a pretty sweet deal.

The rumor that the game exists has also been around for quite some time with two other outlets reporting on it over the last half year. There might be some water to this claim, but we’ll have to wait for Nintendo’s E3 2017 Nintendo Direct presentation at least to see if it’s true or not.


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