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YouTube rolls out Material Design and Dark Mode

by Brandon Russell | May 2, 2017May 2, 2017 10:15 am PDT

Head on over to, and you’ll notice things look a little different for one of the internet’s most trafficked sites.

That’s because, beginning today, YouTube is allowing users to experience a Material Design version of the website, no pesky workarounds necessary. All you have to do is opt in and you’ll be good to go.

YouTube says the new design is cleaner and easier to navigate, and should be faster overall, too.

“We’ve been working on a totally new site design that’s built on a new faster framework,” YouTube said. “That means we can build new features faster, such as Dark Theme and more to come.”

Speaking of Dark Theme, the new feature can be turned on and off at your leisure. The feature is designed to cut down on glare and make YouTube easier on the eyes, particularly at night. There have been several Chrome extensions that have attempted to achieve a similar look, but now it’s baked right in.

The preview will only be available to a small group of people from around the globe, according to YouTube, with a larger rollout planned throughout the year.

If you do decide to opt into the new look but don’t like it, you can revert back to the way things were.


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