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Nioh returns with first screenshots of its DLC “Dragon of the North”

by Ron Duwell | April 30, 2017April 30, 2017 12:00 pm PDT

I remember making a joke a long time ago that I never wanted Nioh to come out because I thought looking at its beautiful screenshots would be more fun than playing the game. Well, the game came out, and it turned out pretty solid. That might have been a little bit of an overstatement…

And then we get the first screenshots for the first single-player DLC expansion “Dragon of the North,” and yeah, I’m starting to think that joke wasn’t too far off the mark. As well designed and fun as Nioh is, these screenshots are just stunning. They ooze with Japanese supernatural style and samurai action, and they are just a Japan nerd’s dream come true.

Plus, as screenshots, they don’t make you want to smash your expensive DualShock 4 controller, like the main game does.

Anjin vs Masamune…

The story itself follows Anjin, a character from the main game, as he travels northward into the Oshu region of Japan. There, he must battle a one-eyed dragon by the name of Masamune and stop him from gathering too many Spirit Stones.

The DLC will be released on May 2.


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