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Some Galaxy S8 owners are reporting wireless charging issues

by Josh Levenson | April 25, 2017April 25, 2017 6:30 am PST

Some Galaxy S8 owners are complaining that they’re unable to charge their unit using Samsung’s Fast Charging Pad. Technologically speaking, the handset should work flawlessly with the dock as they both use the Qi standard, which leads us to believe it’s a firmware glitch that can be addressed with an over-the-air update.

However, there’s been some chatter online suggesting that the firm has decided to limit Fast Charging from working on older pads to minimize the risk of any battery issues occurring. Although, there’s also a possibility that the Qi mechanism has been positioned in a different place on the Galaxy S8, which could be why it’s struggling to obtain power from older docks.

While that’s pure speculation, it’s a little suspicious that users were reportedly able to charge their unit with the Fast Charging Pad by plugging it into a regular power brick (instead of the recommended Adaptive Fast Charger), resulting in the handset charging at a slower speed, thus keeping the battery at a lower temperature.

Not the only teething problem

This isn’t the first spot of bother early adopters of the Galaxy S8 have found themselves in. Last week, a number of customers took to various forums on the internet to vent their frustration that their device’s display has a slight reddish tint. Samsung responded by announcing that it’ll distribute an upgrade to fix the issue this week.


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