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Sennheiser teams up with Samsung to bring its 3D audio earbuds to Android

German audio company Sennheiser has announced that it has teamed up with Samsung to bring its immersive three-dimensional audio AMBEO Smart Surround earbuds to Android-powered smartphones and tablets.

At present, the earphones are only compatible with the iPhone, which is strange seeing as they’re marketed towards VR enthusiasts. If Sennheiser really wants them to catch on, making them compatible with Android is essential.

“We are working with Samsung on the AMBEO smart headset to make it available for Android devices because a dominant layer of the smartphone market is Android-based phones,” said Sennheiser CEO Andreas Sennheiser.

Samsung will give the project credibility

Sennheiser added that the company chose to work with Samsung because it will give the project the “credibility” it needs to attract interest from potential customers both in and outside of South Korea.

Josh Levenson

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