Samsung said to use Galaxy S8’s iris scanner for mobile payments

Samsung is planning to use the iris scanner in the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ to authenticate mobile payments, according to a new report out of South Korea. Users can already use biometric security to authorize Android Pay and Samsung Pay transactions, but it is limited to fingerprints for now.

It’s hard to find too many complaints about the Galaxy S8 series. They’re near perfect smartphones, sporting gorgeous design, the best specifications available, and jaw-dropping Infinity Displays. But they aren’t quite perfect. Many fans aren’t too pleased with the placement of the fingerprint scanner, which now sits alongside the rear-facing camera since Samsung removed its physical home button.

It’s still accurate and wonderfully fast, but it’s difficult to reach. And because your hand covers the entire rear panel of the device when you use the fingerprint scanner, it might prove difficult to authenticate mobile payments that rely on NFC technology. Using your irises instead could be the solution to that problem, and Samsung could be the first to implement it.

Although the Galaxy S8 isn’t the first phone with an iris scanner, no other handset has used one for financial transactions. Recent reports have claimed LG could be the first to make this move with the recently-released G6, but the company is yet to confirm it. Now¬†The Korea Herald¬†reports that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ could offer this functionality.

It’s not yet clear when Samsung might take this step, or whether the feature will be available outside of South Korea. It’s also unclear whether it would be exclusive to Samsung Pay only, or whether you’ll be able to use it with third-party solutions like Android Pay. For now, it’s all just a rumor.


Killian Bell

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