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Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap launch trailer – Are you man or beast?

by Ron Duwell | April 18, 2017April 18, 2017 4:30 pm PDT

The 8-bit classic Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap gets another shot at fame today with the brand new launch of a definitive edition/HD remake from publisher DotEmu and developer Lizardcube. The game is available today for the PlaySation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

The game can be enjoyed in two modes: the original 8-bit graphics displayed perfectly in 1080p or Lizardcube’s brilliant new art style aimed at the younger generation. Both are so eye-catching that you’ll have trouble settling on just one once you finally pick up the bundle for $19.99.

An excellent release for a cult classic series

My review for this game is already up, but in case you missed it, I’ll go ahead and refer curious parties to HG101 or Retronauts for the most in-depth look at this series’ timeline. I know I usually enjoy writing the beginners guides for cult Japanese franchises, but Wonder Boy, Monster World, and Adventure Island’s are just too complicated for even me.

Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap is available now for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.


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