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Some Galaxy S8 owners experiencing display issues

by Josh Levenson | April 18, 2017April 18, 2017 6:30 am PDT

Some early adopters of the Galaxy S8 in South Korea have taken to various forums on the internet to vent their frustration that their handset’s display has a slight reddish tint — but according to Samsung, it’s not a hardware-related issue.

The firm claims that the problem can be fixed by navigating into the settings menu and adjusting the color balance. However, as The Korea Herald points out, it’s not always that simple.

One user attempted to alter his device’s color configuration, but was unable to do so because it was already optimized. When he contacted Samsung to explain the issue, he was reportedly instructed to visit a service center to receive a replacement.

Samsung should issue a software update

Fortunately, in most cases, toying around with the color balance fixes the glitch. Although, we think Samsung should issue a software update to adjust the appearance of white tones before the Galaxy S8 officially launches on Friday, April 21.

Josh Levenson

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