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Overwatch patch fixes Mei’s gun, lots of Uprising bugs

by Joey Davidson | April 18, 2017April 18, 2017 9:00 am PST

A patch released recently that caused a lot of frustration for Mei fans; it broke her gun. When Mei fires at enemies, they slow as they freeze. It’s a huge part of how her kit works, and it makes up greatly for Mei’s relatively slow pace. After the patch, Mei’s gun no longer froze folks.

People in competitive play were especially pissed as players would pick Mei not knowing what was up.

Well, that’s been fixed. Mei’s gun works as intended as Blizzard rolled out a patch on Monday night to bring the good stuff back.

What else did the patch fix?

The patch fixed more than just Mei’s gun. Here are the full notes from Blizzard.



  • Fixed an issue that caused the game client to crash when Overwatch was launched


  • Fixed a bug preventing the Null Sector bots from spawning during the payload escort phase of the Overwatch Uprising brawl
  • The Overwatch Uprising 2017 player icon will now unlock when you log into the event
  • Firing shots while standing on the payload in Overwatch Uprising will no longer cause accuracy issues for your hero
  • Fixed an issue preventing players from placing turrets on moving platforms (i.e. the payload)
  • The Overwatch Uprising scorecard now correctly tracks stats from Sombra’s Hack
  • The Overwatch Uprising scorecard now correctly tracks Ana’s healing stats
  • The Overwatch Uprising scorecard now correctly tracks D.Va’s enemy eliminations

Competitive Play

  • Fixed an issue that could cause inaccurate results when breaking ties based on capture percentage on Assault and Assault/Escort maps


  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to move freely when being hit by Mei’s Blizzard or Endothermic Blaster
  • Fixed a bug causing D.Va’s hair to be rigid in the Selfie highlight intro when her Palanquin skin is equipped
  • Fixed a bug causing Soldier: 76’s cape to clip during the Push-Ups emote when his Strike Commander Morrison, Daredevil: 76, or Stunt Rider: 76 skin was equipped
  • Fixed a bug causing the ice on Pharah’s Frostbite skin to stretch when her Flair emote was activated


  • Fixed a bug causing glass that has been shattered by an explosion to be colored black

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