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Toyota’s FT-4X is a rugged concept car with a few tricks

by Danny Zepeda | April 15, 2017April 15, 2017 12:00 pm PDT

Toyota this week unveiled the FT-4X, a brand new concept that combines the best elements of the FJ Cruiser and Tacoma pick-up truck.

The FT-4X is aimed at millennials who enjoy quick camping trips. To push this idea even more, the car comes with some North Face gear to make you feel more outdoorsy.

For a size comparison, the rugged two-door SUV is smaller than Toyota’s Rav4.

The FT-4X features a “rugged charm” aesthetic inside and out. Its front A/C vents on either side of the glove box can be flipped to dry clothes. Its instrument cluster features a dock to insert a smartphone where it can become part of the car’s navigation system.

The car also features a backseat that can be folded down completely flat to make more room for cargo. There’s even a loading deck that can slide out to serve as a bench and also reveals an under-floor storage area.

A few of the other notable elements include an integrated GoPro, removable lightning to serve as lamps, and a removable sound stereo, which is basically a bluetooth speaker.

Its crazy rear door is the coolest feature

But probably the most eccentric design of the car is its rear door, which sports a switching handle that opens the doors in two ways: upwards like a regular hatchback door, along with the ability to split through sideways. This design touch is pretty cool, but it doesn’t sound like it would be possible outside the concept realm. The rear door also comes with a cooler and a heater to keep food stored.

The FT-4X is a really interesting concept car that would be quite amusing to see out in the real world. You can Toyota’s video highlighting some of the FT-4X’s quirkiest features down below.


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