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The Switch outsold Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in March

by Eric Frederiksen | April 14, 2017April 14, 2017 11:00 am PDT

The Nintendo Switch had a pretty good month. Not only is it Nintendo’s fastest-selling console ever, it was the fastest-selling console last month according to data from the NPD Group.

These companies aren’t typically too keen on sharing exact numbers anymore, especially when they’re not the king of the hill, but the NPD Group says that while the Switch took top honors, the PlayStation 4 has continued to outsell the Xbox One. That makes five straight months of Sony’s uninterrupted domination over Microsoft at the register.

2017 is up in the air

2016 was, as far as console sales go at least, pretty predictable. Sony had a lot of momentum and sold well most of the year. When Microsoft launched the Xbox One S, it did better for a few months before Sony took their momentum back with the PlayStation 4 Pro. The Wii U continued to plod along at a snail’s pace.

2017, however, is a different story. The PlayStation 4 Pro is still relatively new. Nintendo has a system that’s currently doing very well for them. and in just a couple months, Microsoft will be unveiling the new Xbox console they plan to sell this fall. That will likely tank Xbox sales for a couple months, but after that, it’s anyone’s guess.

Right now, it’s impossible to tell how the holiday season is going to play out for Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft – a far cry from last year.


Eric Frederiksen

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