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Huawei sells 5 million Mate 9 units in 4 months

Huawei has confirmed that it sold an impressive 5 million Mate 9 units in four months following the handset’s official debut last November. The flagship phablet was well-received by fans and critics when it launched, thanks to its impressive design, improved software, and features like a dual-lens Leica camera.

It’s hard to have many complaints about the Mate 9. It’s everything a high-end smartphone should be, and it does enough to compete with flagship rivals from the likes of Samsung and LG. But there was concern the handset’s high price tag could dissuade potential customers from picking one up. At $750 in the U.S., the Mate 9 is just as expensive as an iPhone 7.

But that doesn’t appear to have put too many people off. At a press conference in China today, Huawei confirmed it had sold 5 million Mate 9 units in four months, which is a 36 percent rise over sales of the Mate 8 over the same period last year. It’s not clear whether this figure also includes Mate 9 Pro and Mate 9 Porsche Design sales.

Huawei’s P9 series is also selling incredibly well, with 12 million units shifted so far, an increase of 152 percent over the P8 series. It is the first Huawei handset to reach 12 million units sold, and it’s a big increase over the 9 million units that had been sold by the time the Mate 9 made its debut.

Huawei is hoping its next-generation P10 will surpass around 10 million sales initially, reaching even greater numbers in the long term.


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