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Samsung to begin testing foldable smartphone

by Brandon Russell | April 12, 2017April 12, 2017 11:00 am PDT

As Samsung gears up to release the Galaxy S8, the company is already looking toward the future. According to multiple reports out of Korea, Samsung has begun production on a dual-screen device that can be folded for increased portability. The company is rumored to be making up to 3,000 units to test over the summer.

ETNews reports the prototype scheduled for testing won’t contain a single screen that can be folded. Rather, the point of Samsung’s pilot program is to see if there are use-cases for a device with two displays that sit side-by-side.

The prototypes being built for testing will contain two 5-inch OLED screens that are connected with a single hinge, according to reports.

This isn’t the first time manufacturers have explored the dual-screen form factor. The Kyocera Echo, for example, contained two screens and could be folded, but it was marred by issues, including poor battery life. But the potential was clear to see and the dual-screen design did prove to be useful in certain scenarios.

The foldable dream is alive

Earlier this month, a report suggested Samsung wouldn’t launch a foldable smartphone until 2019 at the earliest, underlining the challenges manufacturers face. Samsung admitted a “single-sided foldable device” was likely to come out ahead of a double-sided unit, which may be why prototypes are already in testing.

With the bezel-less craze starting to take hold, is a foldable smartphone that matches the quality of a Galaxy S8 even possible? It’ll be a few more years until we find out.


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