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Overwatch update breaks things, so Blizzard’s disabled some modes

by Joey Davidson | April 12, 2017April 12, 2017 8:00 am PST

If you hopped onto Overwatch last night (or this morning, who knows?) to try out the new Uprising event, you might have noticed that the Arcade Mode area is a little light on features.

That’s because Blizzard had to disable a few of them. Version 2.09 marks the start of the problems, so Blizzard temporarily cut Custom Game saves, 3v3 Elimination, 6v6 Capture the Flag and Leaderboards.

According to the forum post on that brought the news, Blizzard does not “have an ETA for when the technical issues will be resolved and these features re-enabled…” They will update their community when things are back in place.

Good news! The PvE mode is live!

You can still play Quick Play, Competitive and Mystery Heroes. You can even play the new King’s Row PvE mode that pits four heroes against waves of omnics as they hack points and escort a payload through King’s Row.

It stinks that some great modes are currently missing, but you still have some fun stuff to get up to in the meantime.


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