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Overwatch Uprising skins leak ahead of reveal today

by Joey Davidson | April 11, 2017April 11, 2017 5:30 am PST

Later today, we’ll see the unveiling of the next major Overwatch event. It’s called Uprising here in the West, and it features what seems like a PvE mode similar to Junkenstein’s Revenge.

We know this because of a trailer that leaked but has since been taken down… but not before the community could grab some screenshots of the new skins coming to the game. They include skins for the Blackwatch and Overwatch teams. Check them out below.

The event starts today, and we’ll have the official unveiling later on. For now, we know it runs from April 11 until May 1, based on the leak, and it’ll feature a lot of in-game goods.

This is also the first event based purely on in-game lore and not a real world holiday or moment.

Stay tuned for more. For now, here’s the currently working trailer in French. Who knows when it’ll go down.


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