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Lúcio voice actor meets a Lúcio cosplayer, and they can’t stop-won’t stop

by Joey Davidson | April 8, 2017April 8, 2017 2:00 pm PDT

That voice actor, by the way, is JonnyCruz, a guy who seems genuinely awesome. I’ll show you why here in a second. For now, check out the Twitter video he posted once he bumped into his doppelgänger support character from Overwatch.

“Why are you so angry?” indeed! I love this.

Cruz has a penchant for these awesome moments

Lúcio is already one of the best characters in Overwatch (believe it, fellow Lúcio mains!), but Cruz seems like he could vie as one of the coolest voice actors in the business. He bumped into his fellow performers last year at Blizzard’s headquarters and had them offer up some of their lines.

That video, like the one above, is downright delightful.

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