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Transformers film franchise has 14 more stories in development

by Sean P. Aune | April 7, 2017April 7, 2017 2:30 pm PDT

Transformers: The Last Knight is the fifth film in the series, but apparently we need to prepare ourselves for up to 14 more installments in the franchise.

Speaking during a preview event for Transformers: The Last Knight at London’s Cineworld IMAX on Leicester Square Tuesday night, Michael Bay dropped a bit of a bombshell on fans of the Transformers franchise. According to the director, there are whopping 14 further ‘stories’ in development focused on the war between the Autobots and Decepticons.

Before you go thinking that Michael Bay is dedicating the rest of his life to this series, the director has once again stated that this film will be his last outing with the Transformers, but he has also stated that previously and ended up coming back for more.

Where can this go?

It has been known for some time that a Bumblebee focused film is in the works, and that one will be directed by Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings). Where the franchise goes beyond that is anyone’s guess. A Transformers writers room has been around now since 2015 with the likes of Akiva Goldsman (A Beautiful Mind), Ken Nolan (Black Hawk Down), Steven DeKnight (Daredevil) and more putting together a roadmap for the series.

The film series, for the most part, has ignored the 1980s cartoons and comic books, so it’s difficult to say this is all building towards storylines such as Unicron or the Quintessons, but you have to think that ultimately the storyline has to be building towards some massive climax.

Is it really going to take a total of 19 films to get there, however?

Transformers: The Last Knight will hit theaters on June 23.

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