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Surface Pro 5 said to get Intel Kaby Lake chips, same power connector

Microsoft is expected to unveil its next-generation Surface Pro 5 in the coming weeks, but some small but juicy details have already emerged about the much-anticipated 2-in-1. One reliable tipster says fans can look forward to Intel’s latest processors, but Microsoft’s propriety Surface Connect power port will remain.

The whispers bring good and bad news for Surface Pro fans. You’ll be delighted if you were hoping for even greater power, but somewhat disappointed if you were wishing for yet another redesign. According to trusted journalist Paul Thurrott, Microsoft’s next model will boast faster Kaby Lake chips, but the upgrade will be “nothing dramatic.”

What’s more, it sounds like Microsoft has no plans to swap its propriety Surface Connect power port for USB-C as many fans were hoping, but it’s unclear if the Surface Pro 5 will at least offer a USB-C port for connectivity. It seems this will be a somewhat incremental upgrade that offers slightly improved specifications inside the same form factor.

Thurrott adds that it sounds more like “Surface Pro 4.5.”

It’s easy to be disappointed about that, but let’s not forget that Microsoft has improved upon the Surface Pro’s design every year since its original release. It gets to a point where making the device any thinner and lighter would pose a negative impact on user experience. As a happy Surface Pro 4 owner, I’m delighted Microsoft could be sticking with its existing design.

Thurrott doesn’t tell us when Microsoft might make the Surface Pro 5 official, but recent rumors have suggested there will be a special Surface event in the coming weeks. Separate rumors have also claimed that we’ll have to wait longer for a Surface Book 2.

Paul Thurrott

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