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Twitter Lite is a less data-hungry version of Twitter

by Josh Levenson | April 6, 2017April 6, 2017 2:30 pm PST

Twitter has teamed up with Google to launch a new version of its mobile website for users on a strict data cap. Redesigned from the ground up, is now a Progressive Web App; it has the properties of a locally-saved application – like push notifications – while asking for significantly less space and bandwidth.

Intended to save on data consumption, Twitter Lite is capable of loading to the point of interactivity in under five seconds on most 3G devices, saving up to 70 percent on data and loading 30 percent faster than the regular Twitter client that’s available the App Store and Play Store.

“Twitter Lite reduces data use by default, serving smaller media resources and relying on cached data. We’ve optimized images to reduce their impact on data usage by as much as 40 percent as you scroll through a timeline,” explains the firm in a post on its blog. “Data saver mode further reduces data usage by replacing images in Tweets and Direct Messages with a small, blurred preview.”

All of the features baked into the native application for Android and iOS are accessible on Twitter Lite, including a timeline, a notifications list, and tabs for search and direct messaging. Users even have the facility to upload a new profile picture and manage lists while on the go.

We’ve been playing around with Twitter Lite for a couple of hours now, and we’re actually pretty impressed with how snappy and usable it is. Over a 4G connection, it appears to load faster than the regular iOS client and only tends to slouch when accessed using Wi-Fi (strange, we know).

Twitter Lite is definitely worth your attention

If you’re running low on data or simply aren’t a fan of the standard mobile application, Twitter Lite is definitely worth your attention. You can try it right now by heading over to Once you’ve given it a go, be sure to let us know your thoughts in the in the comments section down below.


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