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Pokémon GO has dropped from 30 million daily players to just 5 million

by Ron Duwell | April 4, 2017April 4, 2017 6:00 am PST

Pokémon GO is still a big mobile game, but not quite as big as it was last July. We all remember that the game launched to huge numbers, breaking records and gathering over 28.5 million players within the first few weeks of launch.

Since then, the game has come back down to Earth and now enjoys a relatively smaller, more dedicated userbase. According to research firm comScore, the game now has roughly 5 million daily users logging in to play every day, making the daily user count an 80 percent drop since last summer.

Might just maybe catch ’em all….!

Updates and global events have helped the game spike in popularity for a brief time, and, in my case, a Japan vacation with my obsessed relatives has dragged me back in for the time being. Yes, they caught their Farfetch’d on day 2 of the trip, so no worries there.

Niantic’s boss might say that the game is not about collecting all the Pokémon out there, but I’ve never really listened to developers who tell people they are playing their game wrong. It very clearly is the purpose of the game for a good many people. I set a New Year’s Resolution to catch all of the first generation Pokémon , and I might just be able to do it if I keep at it. Getting 100 Machop candies is the nightmare that’s holding me back.

That jerk never pops up in Kobe!


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