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Galaxy S8’s display declared the best ever by experts

by Brandon Russell | April 4, 2017April 4, 2017 3:15 pm PST

A new report from DisplayMate claims Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 features the best smartphone display ever. That should come as a surprise to no one, as the company’s mobile screens regularly receive acclaim from press and consumers.

DisplayMate’s report is incredibly in-depth, but, as Android Authority points out, it boils down to the Galaxy S8’s Sub-Pixel Rendering. Here’s what DisplayMate had to say:

The Galaxy S8 uses Sub-Pixel Rendering, which further improves image sharpness because the individual Red, Green and Blue Sub-Pixels are treated as independent addressable image elements and are not bound together into fixed Pixels, so the closest sub-pixel is used when rendering the image.

As a result, Sub-Pixel Rendering can make a display appear to have a resolution up to three times that of a screen using normal Pixel Rendering.

DisplayMate also found the Galaxy S8 features the brightest smartphone display that the site has ever measured, along with technology that reduces aliasing and artifacts.

Your eyes will be happy

The report concludes that the Galaxy S8“delivers uniformly consistent all around” display performance, with excellent ratings in almost all of the categories it tested. So, not only does the display have virtually no bezels, but it performs well, too, receiving an A+ and DisplayMate’s highest ever score.

But how long will that title last? Apple has reportedly ordered 70 million OLED panels from Samsung, so the Galaxy S8 may not have the best display for long. We’ll find out when the iPhone 8 is released later this year.

The Galaxy S8, meanwhile, will be released on April 21.

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