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Apple refreshes Mac Pro specs for the first time since 2013

by Josh Levenson | April 4, 2017April 4, 2017 9:00 am PST

Apple has announced a performance bump for the Mac Pro and shaved a thousand dollars off the price of the entry-level model to give new customers more bang for their buck, while it works on a successor that sports an all-new design.

Starting today, the six-core Intel Xenon variant with dual FirePro D500 GPUs can be picked up for $2,999 (it previously came with a four-core chip). A new $3,999 rig has also been listed on the Apple Store with an eight-core processor and dual FirePro D700 GPUs.

In addition, Apple issued an apology for the “pause in upgrades and updates” for the device, explaining that it backed itself into a bit of a corner as the triangular heatsink system the Mac Pro packs doesn’t lend itself well to pro-level upgrades.

The new Mac Pro won’t be ready until next year

During a roundtable the Cupertino company held earlier this week, it explained to reporters that its new Mac Pro will be far more modular than the existing model, and will be stocked alongside a new Pro display when it hits the shelves next year.


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