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Twitter eliminates usernames counting against character limit for replies

by Danny Zepeda | March 30, 2017March 30, 2017 12:30 pm PST

Twitter has redesigned its reply system today by eliminating usernames counting against the 140-character count of replies with a new format that may be more confusing.

Before, whenever you replied to someone on Twitter, their user names always led the reply. Now this will be replaced by the name of the person you’re replying to hovering over the tweet, like for instance: “Replying to TechnoBuffalo.” If you’re replying to more than one person, it just states “and 1 more.” It’ll work the same way if you reply to more than two persons. Down below you can see exactly how the new interface looks like.

The new update is meant to streamline the response experience on Twitter, but it might also create more confusion. Having the username front and center gives context to what a particular reply is about. Now users will only see replies instead of mentions, and without the proper context, it’ll feel like a wave of random tweets.

This goes along with other updates Twitter has made

This latest update is not new, it was spotted back in October by some beta users. Users complained about the confusing new interface, and this update won’t likely win them over. Twitter also recently eliminated media attachments, photos, GIFs and polls counting against the 140-character limit.

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