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The first trailer for Stephen King’s It is the stuff of nightmares

by Danny Zepeda | March 30, 2017March 30, 2017 9:00 am PDT

Warner Bros. this week released the first trailer for It, and it’s made up of the stuff of nightmares.

The trailer starts off fairly innocent. A little boy name Georgie eagerly awaits as his big brother Billy makes him a little paper boat. He names the boat SS George and hands it over to his little brother, and the two embrace for a warm hug. Georgie then goes out into the pouring rain and puts the little boat into a stream of water going down the street, only to lose it down a storm drain.

Completely devastated, Georgie tries to find the boat but is taken aback by a quick glimpse of a creepy figure inside the drain. This is where the trailer gets real and terrifying.

From here we get a quick description of Derry, the town the movie takes place in. “People die or disappear at six times the national average. And that’s just the adults; kids are worse,” reveals a voiceover. This sets the stage for the creepy reveal of the thing haunting the town.

Don’t watch this alone

The trailer keeps the story under wraps for the most part, but we get an understanding for what will happen. If you’re not a fan of horror (or clowns), we suggest not watching the trailer alone.

It will be in theaters on September 8.


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